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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see if your support query is already covered in the FAQs and answers listed below, and if still unanswered, contact support.

How can I change the video and sound quality?

You can change the video recording quality within the program (Tools/Video Recording Quality). You are offered five settings to choose from: High, Medium High, Medium, Medium Low, and Low. However, the sound and video quality is also limited by the video and audio recorder you are using when recording. Generally, a computer's inbuilt webcam and audio recorder are relatively low quality. Consider acquiring an external recording device, a list of recommended products are available from our ViP Store.

How do I copy or distribute ViP presentation files?

ViP works by recording the following three files every time a ViP presentation is created:

  • ViP file: (*.vip)
  • WMV: video recording (*.wmv)
  • PPT: powerpoint file (*.ppt or *.pptx) - v.2003 or 2007

For example, the following three files will be saved in the same folder when you record a file called "" through the Create ViP screen:

  • example.wmv
  • example.ppt

All these files need to be present in a folder for ViP to open them correctly. Ensure they are all present when copying them between folders. Distributing is easily done by zipping all three files and sending a single zip file. The recepient would then un-zip the file into a desired folder and be able to view the presentation with ViP.

Is ViP available for Macintosh?

Not currently, however a Macintosh version is planned for development. If you wish to register your interest, please contact support.

How do you upload ViP files to YouTube or a Website?

Using ViP Convert, you can turn a ViP file into a Windows Media Video (.wmv) video file.

Uploading to YouTube

YouTube accepts a wide range of video formats, including Windows media files (avi and wmv). YouTube will convert the file into a web friedly format automatically when you upload it.

Uploading to a Website

To upload your presentation recordings to a website, you will need to use a video conversion software first, like Any Video Converter Freeware, to convert the .wmv file into .FLV or .SWF file before uploading it to your website. Your website will need a media player installed, and if you are uncertain on how to do this, it is recommended to work with a web developer when setting this up.

Creating Powerpoint slides for ViP

You should be able to record most powerpoint presentations with ViP, but here are a few issues to keep in mind:

When creating powerpoint slides for recording with ViP, avoid using the "Random" setting for transition between slides. Random transitions are of different lengths and will offset the recording syncronization and cause the presentation to be un-syncronized or fail.

Known issues when using the Full screen recording mode:

  • Having "Custom Actions" within powerpoint to transition between lines of your slides will work; however, avoid using the time delayed action items. Time dependent custom action items will not record correctly. Time dependent custom items are OK to use while recording in the normal recording mode.
  • Clicks less than 2 seconds apart will not be recorded.

The scroll bar will less efficient when powerpoint presentations have time delayed "custom actions".

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