Master your presentations!

Use Virtual-i Presenter (ViP) to record both video and presentation slides simultaneously, then view them side-by-side to critique your performance, or share with your peers for feedback. Use it to evaluate a large group of presentations, or convert into single video files for easy sharing!

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Record, evaluate and improve!

ViP allows you to record, evaluate, and improve presentations. The software enables you to capture PowerPoint slides and live webcam recordings at the same time. An evaluation tool allows others to evaluate and comment on your presentation. The presentation slides and video recordings can also be combined into a single video file for easy sharing.

  • Record

    Record video and slides simultaneously

    While presenting, ViP integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint to record the slideshow in real-time, at the same time capturing both the audio and video data using your computer’s video camera (webcam) and audio recorder.

  • Record

    Watch side-by-side

    After using ViP to record a presentation, both the presentation's slides and video can be viewed side-by-side. This overcomes the common problem of slides being too difficult to read from a single video recording.

  • Evaluate

    Evaluate Presentations

    Critique your own presentations, or someone else's. ViP users can save comments and grades to each presentation recording. The evaluation criteria can be quickly customised, and tools are provided to help evaluate large groups of presentations.

  • Share

    Share with others

    Either share ViP files directly, or convert into a single video. Upload to your website, to YouTube or burn onto a DVD. What you do with your presentation recordings is only limited by your imagination!

  • Easy

    It's so easy!

    All you need is a computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed, a webcam and an audio recorder. Start using ViP within minutes by downloading your own copy.

NEW: Virtual-i Presenter V2.0


Use ViP for:

  • Distance Learning - Distance Education - a great tool for assessments!!
  • Practising for an upcoming presentation
  • Evaluating presentations, whether your own or that of a large group
  • Combining video and slide recordings into a single video
  • Sharing a presentations with others to enable them to watch it at their own convenience.
  • Students

    Build your confidence, improve your style, and ensure your slides are appropriate. Practice at home, or in a group to prepare for the final one that counts!

  • Teachers and lecturers

    Capture your presentations so they continue to educate even after your class has finished. Use ViP to evaluate your students' presentations (ideal for both in class or distance education).

  • Businesses and marketers

    Promote your products and services in a personal and informative way, or even let your presentation recording be what you're selling!

  • Presenters of any kind!

    Use ViP in any way you like to record, evaluate and share presentations. It's so easy, perfect for any level of presenter!

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